Christine Speerin

Christine’s life has always revolved around dogs and the many different dog worlds. Even as a young child she cannot be seen in a photo that doesn’t include a dog by her side. Having taught herself to groom on her mums kitchen table at the age of 12 she was told by her father that there was no future in dog grooming. Christine competed in the very first grooming competition held in Australia, Groomalong 1992 and has been a leading figure in the Australian grooming industry ever since. She runs a successful groomer training centre and is the leading instructor at The Grooming School which she co-founded with her husband Les in 2004.  She was a member of the first Australian Groom Team which travelled to Germany in 2009 and is the current team manager and a mentor to many local and International groomers. As a multi award winning groomer her work has featured on prime time television segments including Sydney Weekender, Talk to the Animals, Bondi Vet, Sunrise and the TODAY show. Her work has also featured in numerous industry articles and main stream print and online media magazines including the Australian Womens Weekly. Christine has been inspirational and innovative in many facets of the industry in Australia and responsible for nurturing many friendships and newcomers to the world of grooming and is a “ Grooming Ambassador “ for Nestle Purina & Andis. Christine has held many International Seminars and Workshops and judged regularly in the USA , Europe , Asia , Australia & New Zealand since 2007, which has developed a wide network of friendships within the global grooming community. Christine is also involved in developing equipment and products for the industry and keeps up to date with the many new styles and techniques. Nowadays a proud grandmother, her focus is on encouraging the next generation of groomers to continue and grow the comraderie that has been built in the grooming world by sharing her vast knowledge and experiences that she is grateful to have gained from an industry in which she has enjoyed a fulfilling lifestyle.