Umberto Lehmann

El Corte Italiano in Cartagena has been his home since 2007. Opened his grooming salon in Milano in 1985 after having been in breeding, showing and training. In 1985 he started giving formation and specialization courses in his Grooming School getting more than 500 students. From 1985 to 2001, he won several gold and silver medals in USA, Europe and Canada in Poodle, Stripping, Purebreds Scissoring and Spaniels. He was member of the Italian Team that got the third place in the World Team Championship in Intergroom U.S.A.1996 He was member of the European Team that got the second place in the 2001World Team Championship in Canada. From 1989 to 2018 Umberto judged in more than 300 International Grooming Competitions, grooming demonstrations in more than 350 seminars in USA, all over Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Taiwan,  India, Brazil, Japan , China ,Korea, He has received the Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Award in 1987 as “International Groomer of the year”. Umberto has been judging in the World Team Grooming Championship in England in 1999 as well as in Spain in 2003 as well in Belgium 2011. In France 2005 in Germany 2009 in Spain 2013, in Italy 2015, 2107 he has been President of the Jury. He’s Oster Ambassador for Europe. President of the European Grooming Association (E.G.A.), President of the Italian Grooming Association (A.T.I.), and Organizer of “MilanGroom”. Grooming Competition.  and Organizer of The Oster European Tournament  of Champion from the 2004  European Grooming Association: Judge  All round  Showmanagers Alliance: Judge - All round