Monique Janssen

Monique Janssen has been a groomer since 1970 and is specialized in scissor breeds. Her last championship was "Eurokru 2001″ at Berlin. She was the winner of the "Winnerscircle" with a Kerry Blue, gold winner with a Bichon Frisé and also gold winner with a Poodle. Since then she's been an international Judge and also the founder of the first luxury beauty salon for dogs with a luxury boutique and an own clothing line at Merksem, Antwerpen. For the moment she's the owner of the "Grooming Center Cardinique" at Westende, an exclusive private school for groomers who want to learn more about "The Art of Scissoring" of Poodles and pure scissor breeds according to the standard or the current commercial models with the appropriate/correct scissoring techniques. Monique Janssen is a specialist in scissor breeds. After a beautiful career in the competition ring, she's now focusing on passing on her knowledge to groomer.