Sarah Hawks

Sarah Hawks is a world renowned, competition level professional dog groomer with over 25 years of competition, teaching and grooming certification experience. She began her grooming career in 1979 when she was hired as a bather in a shop in Newark, DE. Sarah quickly mastered the foundations of grooming and after three years of service, opened her own shop, Dog Works by Sarah. In 1988, Sarah became Delaware’s first Certified Master Groomer with the National Dog Groomers of America Association (NDGAA). As a result of her grooming expertise, she was invited to become a certifier for the (NDGAA); a role she still fulfills. Her skills at grooming made her a global champion in the competition ring, winning many awards during blah blah… from 1992-??. Sarah earned many of the highest achievements for professional grooming including multiple “Best in Show” and “Best All Around Groomer.” She also won the coveted Cardinal Crystal Achievement award for “Judge of the Year,” which is one of the industry’s top awards. Currently, Sarah’s skill as a grooming instructor are in high demand. She teaches locally as well as travels nationally and globally teaching grooming seminars and certifying. Sarah’s first love is the Sealyham Terrier of which she is a breeder and has bred many champions. Her expertise on terrier hand stripping is renowned and the subject of many training videos and seminars. She runs her own salon with many Sealyhams underfoot, and works closely with world class professional handler and breeder Margery Good, the 2010 AKC Terrier Group Breeder of the Year.