Lassie Gomez

Lassie entered the grooming world in 1974, when dogs' wellbeing in Spain wasn't felt as nowadays. She has been working for many years in a Veterinary Clinic in Costa del Sol learning how to handle all domestic animals, till she fell in love with dog grooming in 1990. She took several courses from the Scottish groomer Sara McDonalds, then she opened her salon, "Lassiedog" in 1992 where, beside the normal pet grooming, she also prepares dogs for showing and gives formation and specializing courses. Most of her students are now working in the pet grooming market. Lassie is cofounder or the Spanish dog groomers association. As National and International judge she judged several contests in Europe. During her career Lassie won numerous gold, silver and bronze medals in Spaniel, Handstripping and Purebred Scissoring classes in grooming contests held in Italy, France and Spain. Lassie has been Oster Tournament 2003 Vice Champion.