Anna Gomez Ferran

Handler of Miniature Schnauzer and Rough Collie with the affix &ldquo;Sangtrait&rdquo;. Achieved various championships with both breeds. Founding member and president for three years of the association of Canine and Feline Groomers of Spain. In multiple Grooming Championships gained numerous medals, bronze, silver and gold with the first medal in 1998. Was invited at the 3, 4 and 5 Professional series of Artero. Also was invited speaker in numerous professional conferences. In multiple occasions served as a judge in Grooming Championships. Canine Grooming tutor since 1992. Stylist in her owner grooming saloon &ldquo;Anna G&oacute;mez Perruquers&rdquo; where she prepares dogs for shows like: all the variations of Schnauzers, Kerry Blue Terrier, Black Russian Terrier, Dachshunds, Cocker Spaniels, Rough Collies, Catalan Shepherd dogs and many more. Author of the book &ldquo;Peluquer&iacute;a Canina&rdquo; &ndash; editor Vecchi. The 3 edition was also translated in French. Also published many articles related to the sector. 2012 &ndash; International Championship of Calella Spain: Participated in the categories: Open Poodle, Open Spaniels, Champions in hand stripping, and champion class scissors. Classified with a silver medal in Champion Class scissors. 2013 Montr&aacute;s (AEEC): Bronze medal in Poodles, Silver medal in Spaniels. 2014: Participated in Oster European Invitational Kortrijk &ndash; Belgium 2014: Winner of the Spaniels Special Ciseaux D&rsquo;Or (France) 2014:Sub champion of Spain 2015: Ciseaux D&rsquo;Or (France) bronze model in Stripping champions class, Gold medal in Workshop. 2015 Montr&aacute;s (AEEC) Gold medal in Spaniels Open Class. 2015 Groomeval: Gold medal in Scissors Champion Class. 2015 Member of the national team of Spain in the <strong>International Championship of October in Italy. 2016 Participated in Oster European Invitational Bellaria &ndash; Igea Marina &ndash; Italy. 2016: Ciseaux D&rsquo;Or (France) silver medal in Champions Class.