Paola Acco

Owner of a grooming salon in Portogruaro since 1991, Paola started grooming competitions in 1995 collecting gold, silver and bronze medals in Europe and USA as well; 3 BIS in Italy, France and Czech Republic. She became Italian Champion in 1999; Vice Champion of Best of the Best in Milano. She has been four times finalist in the Oster Tournament of Champions; member of the Italian Team winner of the World Team Championship in Barcelona 2003; member of the Italian Team second classed at the World Team Championship 2007 in Milano. She did several grooming demonstrations in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Asia and cooperates with the most known Italian factories to promote the grooming industry in Italy. Co-founder of ATI (Italian Groomers Association), she's also organizer of the event "Master Show" (trade and grooming show) and co-organizer of the Italian Championship. Paola is breeding Bichon Poo. In her grooming school, opened in 1999, she formed more than 100 students and some of them already got medals and BIS in international contests.