22-09-2021  World Team Championship

We are pleased to confirm that the date of the next World Team Championship has been fixed on September 2022, the 25 th. After the waiver from Groom@Zenith -as it was impossible for them to fix a new feasible date-, we asked “Groomania” to host once again the event as they proved to be able to manage successfully such a big organization. "Groomania” International Contest will take place on the 23rd and 24th. Info related to both events will be sent to all the Teams that are supposed to participate.All people interested in attending the Show will be able to find on “Groomania” website all info they should need.


22/01/2022  International Contest

05/02/2022  International Contest

09/04/2022  International Contest

30/04/2022  International Contest

28/05/2022  International Contest

23/09/2022  International Contest

25/09/2022  World Team Championship